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Defcon Technologies- History

Since 1998, Defcon Technologies has provided the Australian government with products based on 'emerging technologies', developed primarily for defence & aerospace, security & law enforcement, aviation & marine.

We cultivate close working partnerships with innovative manufacturers who are world leaders in their fields of expertise. We adopt and support technologies and products that have been operationally proven in the field by NATO and ABCA governments.

Our customers include all Australian federal and state government agencies tasked with 'front-line' responsibility for:

  • Defence & National Security
  • Special Operations
  • Border Protection
  • Counter-Terrorism
  • Law Enforcement

and many of the local and regional Prime Systems Integrators and contractors who support them.

With the prevailing climate of uncertainty both at home and abroad, the company has grown in breadth and scope as our customers enhance their technological capabilities and boost their operational resources. As a result, we have a diverse portfolio of world-leading niche products with applications in all the above areas.

The acquisition of Sydney-based Pacific Dynamics in 2006 saw a diversification into aviation ground support equipment, training & simulation and specialized lighting. This acquisition enhanced our presence in the military and aerospace sectors.


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