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GPS Source GPS Repeater & DAGR Antennas; Oxley NVIS Filters, LED Aviation Lighting, IR Lights, Anti Collision Lights, Position Lighting & Map Reading Lights; Sekai Winch Camera & Solid State Recorders; Night Readiness NVG Aviation Simulation; 3M Peltor Aviation Headsets, Aircraft Intercom Systems, Communications & Hearing Protection.

Aviation Headsets


Fixed and Rotatory Wing Aircraft Lighting (LED/NVIS/IR)



Fixed and Rotatory Wing GPS Repeater kits (L1/L2)

Fixed and Rotatory Wing Video Camera Solutions


NVG Simulation & Training


We partner with US based company, NightReadiness who are a world leading innovator in the design and manufacture of unique simulation systems. Designed to bridge the gap between the physical world & virtual world our system offer the user an enhanced experience that aids in skill development and mission readiness.



Ground Service Equipment