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NVG Simulation & Training

The Virtual Terrain Board, VTB , Night vision goggle classroom based training and simulation, Academic NVG training

NRLogo.png_512.jpg Virtual Training Systems for Night Operations

VTB (Virtual Terrain Board)



The Virtual Terrain Board is designed to teach the capabilities and limitations of Night Vision Goggles to all operators.

VTB delivers practical, hands-on, real-world NVG academic training to NVG users while utilizing actual goggles for viewing.  Using proprietary virtual night vision environment technology, VTB allows interactive instruction of highly-detailed, dynamic, NVG effects on all types of terrain recognition and environments.

The comprehensive NVG training course ware supports initial and recurrent NVG training for both rotary and fixed wing platforms.  The VTB realistic, feature-rich virtual technology of NVG terrain databases and environments help to reinforce critical night-flight instruction for safer NVG operations.

  • Provides practical and interactive NVG training solutions for variable environmental classrooms
  • Provides hardware and customized instructional software tailored to user defined NVG modules for flight and ground operations.
  • Supports initial and refresher training and mission preview
  • Available to military, law enforcement agencies, emergency medical service agencies and civilian customers.


Five NVG training lessons and fully customizable free flight section:

  • Illumination and Contrast
  • Lighting Effects
  • Shadow Effects
  • NVG Operations Environment
  • Misperceptions and Illusions


Literature: VTB Brochure