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AVIATION- GPS Signal Distribution

GPS Repeaters, GPS Antennas, GPS Amplifiers, GPS Splitters, L1/L2, GLONASS, GALILEO, GPS Attenuators, GPS Filters , GPS Hangar Kits

GPS Repeater Kits

Typically when you are inside a airbourne platform the ability to obtain a GPS fixed is minimal, reducing the Warfighters situational awareness and mission effectiveness. Creating a "live" GPS feedback increases S.A and mission readiness with the aid of GPS Source, specialised GPS repeater kits designed for fixed and rotatory wing platforms.

Installation is available for Permanent, Roll on/Roll Off, Man Portable. Configurations are available (but not limited) to the following:

  • C-130
  • S-70iTM
  • C-17
  • MH-47
  • C-23
  • CH-53
  • C-27J
  • CV-22
  • UH-60
  • NH-90

GPS Hangar Kits ( GPS Signal "Live Inside")

GLI-Hangar kit efficiently and effectively reduces cost and maintenance down time by allowing ongoing testing and troubleshooting of the Aircraft GPS navigation systems by remaining inside the hangar.



Special Operations- GLI Cobra


GPS Products

We specialise in moving a GPS Signal from point A to point B and to assist we offer a diverse range of GPS products which can be tailored to suit the users requirements.

Our ruggerdised products have been designed for commerical and defence environments and come in a range of form factors and various build options.


GPSSourceGPSRKL1L2RepeaterAssembly.jpg GPSSourceRuggerdizedL1L2AntennaActive.gif GPSSourceMS24withLEDSplitterAntennaSwitchSensor.jpg GPSSourceMetro.jpg GPSSourceGPSSL5FM.jpg