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LAND- GPS Signal PNT Distribution

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Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology has become an integral part of mission command systems and military ground vehicle architecture. We partner with GPS Source who offer unique solutions and are leading innovators in the design and manufacture of robust PNT signal distribution equipment designed for military applications.

From qualified Mil spec splitters to intelligent antenna switches and retransmission controllers, to sophisticated PNT Hub products, GPS Source offers a wide range of customized solutions to meet the needs of C4ISR system integrator and platform OEM.



GLI FLO-G_ DAGR Distribution Device



GLI FLO-G a secure (ICD-GPS-153 compliant) GPS position, navigation and timing (PNT) distribution device . It will integrate within a single DAGR footprint and supports platform installations of Blue Force Tracking, fire control computers, laser rangefinders, movement tracking systems and other equipment requiring secure PNT.

Two form factors to choose from, GLI FLO (requires single DAGR input) or GLI FLO G (Stand alone unit with embedded GB GRAM) that is conveniently placed in the same bracket used by the DAGR, utilizing standard DAGR accessories.


GPS Source _ Afforable path to M Code








GPS Signal Distribution Equipment

GPSSourceGPSRKL1L2RepeaterAssembly.jpg GPSSourceRuggerdizedL1L2AntennaActive.gif GPSSourceMS24withLEDSplitterAntennaSwitchSensor.jpg GPSSourceMetro.jpg GPSSourceGPSSL5FM.jpg