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GPS Source's GLI- FLO DAGR Distributed Device (D3)

Awarded contract by US DoD.


GLI-FLO-G (DDD - DAGR Distributed Device) simplifies the capability to distribute PNT Data on a military ground platform. It will integrate within a single DAGR footprint and supports platform installations of Blue Force Tracking, fire control computers, laser rangefinders, movement tracking systems and other equipment requiring secure PNT.

Secure GPS and Systems Integration
Integrate secure GPS (PNT) enabled equipment on a military ground platform with one device - GLI-FLO-G. One GLI-FLO-G serves IS-GPS-153 PNT data simultaneously to multiple communication or weapon systems that require GPS information.  It is a smart GPS router that is conveniently placed in the same bracket used by the DAGR, utilizing standard DAGR accessories

Already have a DAGR?

GLI-FLO-G is also available in a low-cost non-GB-GRAM version that can be tethered to a single DAGR and will still route secure PNT data to multiple devices