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Night Fighting Equipment

FUSIONSIGHT, CNOD, CMOS Night Observation Device, Surveillance systems, Photonis


We are committed to providing new and emerging optic technologies to our Military, Law Enforcement and Government agencies and to achieve our objective we collaborate with world leading OEMs.



Versatile Digital Day & Night Observation

In collaboration with a world leading optics OEM, we introduce the CMOS Night Observation Device (CNOD) which is a versatile digital high definition sight that enables an operator to see in the day (bright sunlight) or low light (night) with high contrast and resolution. CNOD provides two key functions in a single device at the fraction of the cost of similar systems currently on the market.



Technical Specifications

  • Detects lasers in bright light or dead of night

  • Fully digital system, no intensifier tubes
  • Monocular, clip-on or stand-alone sight
  • Wavelength 500 nm to 1080 nm range
  • 6x internal digital zoom
  • Allows operator to detect and recognize targets in bright light or night
  • One sight for use in day and into the night
  • Take and transmit still photos or video in HD
  • Hardened for shock .30 caliber or below
  • RS232, USB interfaces





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Digital Night Vision Device Providing Smart Fusion


FusionSight® is the world-first compact monocular that combines a colour low light sensor with a thermal image sensor. When combined, these sensors enhance situational awareness and provide users with the option of using a thermal image, colour optical image or a smart fused thermal and full colour image, that can also be recorded



Benefits & Features


  • Full Digital, all-in-one device with 3 viewing modes: colour low light, thermal or smart fusion
  • Night and day Detection, Recognition, Identification (DRI) up to 3 km
  • Image recording, HD video output, wireless up and down communication
  • GPS & Inertial Measuring Unit (IMU) allowing accurate designation




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