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MH180AA Amphibious Assault Headset - The world's first and only 20 meter, submersible, bone conduction, tactical headset systems!

It has been a number of years since the marketplace had an alternative, military grade, submersible, tactical headset built specifically for ruggedized military radios. Until now, the limited number of 20 meter submersible headsets available featured uncomfortable head strapping systems, less than user-friendly push-to-talk assemblies and some form of speaker for receiving radio transmissions that either covered one ear – restricting an operator’s ability to hear his surroundings - or a speaker designed to be worn out and away from the ear – mounted to a helmet or elastic band – which could potentially allow an assailant to over hear private/secure radio transmissions.

Following nearly two years in development and subsequent field trials, the production “Amphibious Assault” headset models address all of these design and manufacturing flaws as well as other over sights associated with submersible, tactical headsets.


1. No Speakers or Speaker Hardware / Receive radio TX Through the Face
2. Both Ears Unobstructed to Hear Ambient Surroundings
3. Hearing Protection can be Added or Removed with No Impact to Comms
4. Microphone Features True 20 Meter Dive Element
5. Two Styles of Head Frames to Choose From
6. Ergonomically Designed Push-to-Talk Assembly
7. Custom Headset and Radio Interface Cable Lengths



The MH180H-AA features a stainless steel frame, on a horizontal plane, granting an operator the choice of having the headset custom built with the 20 meter submersible microphone on the left or right side (when positioned on the face). This distinct feature provides the advantages associated with a boom microphone, while having the microphone installed on the appropriate side of the face, opposite the stock of a long weapon – ensuring an unobstructed cheek weld. The MH180H-AA is further highlighted by a unique, removable chin-strapping system that can be user adjusted for proper fit. The chin strap was designed to be positioned and worn off and behind the chin to allow clearance for a protective helmet’s chin strap. Our chin strap was designed to provide added stability when worn during HALO/HEMP operations.

The Amphibious Assault PTT housing assembly was designed with the assistance of operators. While most PTTs available for submersible operations are either some form of hand worn / hand held tube with PTT button or a large, flat circular switch designed to be palmed, the Amphibious Assault housing and switch were ergonomically designed to allow for ease of location by feel rather than sight. The housing body was patterned to fit the human hand, gloved or otherwise, and the positioning of the PTT switch is such that it can easily be located, depressed and released with the thumb.

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