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INVISIO V60: Advanced Tactical Communication & Hearing Protection


The INVISIO V60 is an in-ear hearing protection and communication system with electronic hear-thru and impulse noise protection. The INVISIO V60 control unit can interface with different headsets types along with up to four Comms sources simultaneously, including radios, intercoms, mobile phones and computers.INVISIOV60SoldieronLand.jpg

Key Features

Reduced Size & Weight

The V60 is the world's smallest and lightest multi-com control unit, with its volume and weight reduced by more than half compared to most other multi-com control units on the market. The unit measures 70 x 63 x 25 mm and weighs 145 grams.

Submersible to 20 Meters

The INVISIO V60 is submersible to 20 meters, even with unmated plugs. The control unit can be cleaned in fresh water to remove dust, dirt and sand. The INVISIO V60 is so light it even floats.

MIL Tested & Proven

The INVISIO V60 has been tested extensively to meet MILstandards and has total EMC shielding from the metalised housing and connectors. The INVISIO V60 uses breakaway connectors to improve safety especially for the dismounting soldier or in case of entanglement.

Open Mic - In ear headset with hot mic

The INVISIO V60 can operate with all radio communication microphone lines open at all times -even to multiple com sources. This makes it possible to maintain full radio functionality like full-duplex communication, radio sidetone, priority voice, VOX and keying the radios onboard PTT buttons.

Split Ear Audio

The INVISIO V60 features split ear received audio so that different talk groups can be assigned between left and right ear to improve intelligibility and battlefield situational awareness. Received audio is automatically and dynamically assigned when connecting or disconnecting a radio.

Independent Audio Stream

The INVISIO V60 has four separate and independent input audio (Rx) streams that can be directed to either ear with different audio amplification. The three output audio streams (Tx) are also separate and independent with different audio amplification for each device connected.

Multi-Headset Interface - Adapts to legacy & future headsets

The INVISIO V60 can be configured to meet different operational requirements through preset key combinations, enabling users to set up the system as required for their mission.

Cable Detection - Automated exchange

The INVISIO V60 enables automatic detection of hot-swap devices such as radios, intercom systems, mobile phones, computers and remote PTTs and sets the audio and system parameters instantaneously. A key benefit is being able to deploy new equipment (headsets and radios) without having to reprogram the INVISIO V60.


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